29 July 2008

26 Habits/Skills in 52 Weeks—Habits/Skills I Want to Adopt or Stop

Recently, I have been flip-flopping around about what sorts of things I think are good about my life and what sorts of things I want to change. I decided that I would make a list of those things in my life that I want to change or do better and post it.

If you are reading this list, and you see something that you have successfully incorporated into your own life habits, please leave a tip as a comment so that others might benefit from your wisdom. If I stumble upon a really fun or interesting idea for incorporating any of these life changes, I will make a note of it.

  1. Drink more water every day.
  2. Spend more quality time with my child, being present in the moment and not ready to rush off to the next thing.
  3. Start a graduated running plan.
  4. Drink less coffee every week until I am down to one treat a week.
  5. Take time to review information critically before forming an opinion.
  6. Do yoga at least every other day.
  7. Spend more time doing things that I really think are important.
  8. Find ways to practice more self discipline.
  9. Show more gratitude to those in my life.
  10. Listen more carefully.
  11. Slow down and be as present as possible.
  12. Write every day.
  13. Start adopting freelance projects.
  14. Evaluate where I am on this list and adjust accordingly.
  15. Meditate every day.
  16. Cook more/eat out less.
  17. Bake at least once a week and make enough to share.
  18. Make a budget and stick to it.
  19. Spend less impulsively.
  20. Take a deep breath before jumping on the defensive...to avoid becoming defensive.
  21. Stop eating meat.

  22. Consume less sugar in every form.
  23. Begin completing a chapter of my writing project each week.
  24. Begin working on sewing projects.
  25. Try a new food every two weeks.
  26. Write more letters to friends and family.

I promise, also, to write a less navel-gazing oriented post in the near future. I am in the midst of a really good book and will be posting a review of it soon.