21 March 2008

Just Practicing

Today marks the birth of my blog. Other than writing academic papers for classes, I have rarely written for an audience...if this blog ever has an audience.
For these first few posts, I am sure I will just be pumping my wings, so to speak before I take off completely. Right now, I am in my home thinking about my life. My daughter is in bed sleeping, and my husband is off reading a book. So I have a little space to think...something that is a bit of a luxury these days. I'm working through down-shifting right now after a long work day, adjusting to the quiet of evening.
Over the past few weeks, I have enjoyed reading many quality words written by others here on the web and have been inspired by their generosity and courage in sharing. I hope that I, too, will write something that is worthwhile to someone. Soon, soon.

**The photo above came from http://www.geocities.jp/deal_steal/bui2**