27 April 2012

Friday Find

I don't have a lot to post this evening. It was date night, and I now have little time before my wakefulness expires. My husband took me for a nice drive and dinner while our daughter spent time at her Tae Kwon Do studio for class and a party of sorts. If you haven't thought about getting your child involved in martial arts instruction, I would like to encourage you to consider it. The school my child attends is really growing and is led by a wonderful woman. I have seen Abby grow in so many ways since she enrolled there. Her confidence has grown. She finds joy in just being herself. The exercise aspect is also really great.

Since we have returned from the out-of-the-house portion of date night, I have had the chance to do a little net browsing. I was curious about homemade salad dressing recipes, and I happened upon this blog: Simple Bites. I'm impressed. There are a lot of great articles...including one about homemade salad dressings. Predominantly about cooking, this site has many tasty-looking recipes and tips for saving money while preserving greatness in your food. I am looking forward to many return visits to it--especially given my fixation with recipe reading.

Now it is time for me to focus my attention back on my date so that we can wrap up our lovely evening together. Thanks for reading!

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