19 October 2008

Review, Long Overdue

Title: i love geeks: The Official Handbook
Author: Carrie Tucker
Publisher: Adams Media

Who knew there were so many different types of geeks? And who knew that they have an attraction factor that is nearly impossible to resist? Carrie Tucker, that's who.

From start to finish, i love geeks is an accessible guide for anyone who is puzzled by his or her strangely-obsessed significant other. Tucker takes the reader on a tour of geekdom, beginning with a brief introduction to the evolution of geeks followed by six chapters devoted to deconstructing some of the more common species of geek.

Each chapter provides an introduction to the highlighted geek, the Video Game Geek, for instance. This introduction is followed by good-to-know technical terms--before reading this book, I had never heard of filk (sci-fi folk music)--a time line of important events in the history of each unique geekdom, and suggestions for ways in which you can connect with both your significant geek and your own inner geek.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book; it was entertaining and enlightening. Tucker writes with a quirky humor that reflects many of the observations made by my friends and me about the geeks we love. I chose to review this book because I am married to a Video Game Geek, and I was not disappointed as I read Tucker's light prose, which described the love of my life to a tee. Read this book if you want to decode the strange behavior of a friend, lover or brother.

My grade: B+

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